My Friend Derek’s Detroit Pizza

I make it a lot. You can order a 🍕shirt if you’d like. Or a pizza now! It’ll help my pizza dreams come true maybe.

Just a lil’ old app to quickly enter transactions (cash or otherwise) quickly, over at

Top 100 of the 2010s

If you appreciate Pitchfork as a decent rater-of-music and want to find out what you missed, might be for you. Rate what you’ve heard, hide what you hate.


It’s a little bookmarklet to send a webpage to your phone #, or OmniFocus inbox. Or if you need a bookmarking service, it works as that, too!

Brief Résumé

I’m a not-retired-but-doing-something-different frontend web developer and I used to be a copywriter/marketer.

  • Professional
  • Agreeable
  • Loves suffering
  • Could maybe speak german with a 3 year old
  • Has email
Who needs a copyright. Take whatever you want from me.