My Friend Derek’s (Pizza)

Using: flour, water, yeast, tomatoes, milk, next.js

I make it a lot. If you live in the Seattle area, you can try it. My “main” gig.

Using: next.js, Vercel

Just a lil’ old app to enter transactions (cash or otherwise) quickly, if you use

Top 200 of the 2010s

Using: next.js, Vercel

If you appreciate Pitchfork as a decent rater-of-music and want to find out what you missed last century, might be for you. Rate what you’ve heard, hide what you hate.

Fast and Cheap

Using: deno, jsx, tailwind/twind, deno deploy

Recommendations for getting the fastest charge out of your iPhone, iPad, and Watch. (And other things.)

Built after noticing way too many loved ones still using obscenely slow chargers, and wanting to try out Deno. And Deno Deploy.

And maybe I’ll finish it soon!

Texter / txtio / new name needed

Using: from django and twilio to next.js and vercel

Currently being rewritten! Kind of works, kind of doesn’t!

It’s a little bookmarklet to send a webpage to your OmniFocus indiv. Or if you need a super-simple bookmarking service like pinboard or, it can do that too, but without any features other than showing them back to you, probably unsorted!

txtio used to “make sense” because it was a tool to send yourself a link to the webpage you were currently on, but we have mobile operating systems or browsers that do that for us nowadays. And SMS ain’t free, shockingly.

Brief Résumé

I’m a not-retired-but-doing-something-different frontend web developer and I used to be a copywriter/marketer.

  • Professional
  • Agreeable
  • Loves suffering
  • Could maybe speak german with a 3 year old
  • Has email