Hobbies All The Way Down

OmniFocus & Statusboard

I pieced together a somewhat simple way to get OmniFocus tasks on to a Panic/Statusboard

First, go ahead and download an older copy I modified of Paul Sidnell's python OmniFocus parser.

Start your local apache server and prepare Terminal for use!

Run something like this, from the cloned directory:

python ofexport.py -o /Library/WebServer/Documents/report.html --tdi "this week" --fi "Work" --prune --tce "any" -F

The tdi option includes tasks with a due date of today, while fi includes everything in my "Work" folder.

-F flattens everything (no hierarchy displayed), and \--prune removes stuff. \--tce "any" removes completed actions.

Set it up to run automatically!

Use something like Lingon to create a launchd job or other interval-app to execute every 10 minutes or so. (In my case, I created an additional .sh file for Lingon to execute every 5 minutes.)

Look at it.

You'll see it at [localhost/report.html](http://derekr.net/localhost/report.html), if you did everything the "default" way.

All very unofficial. Sorry it requires a bit of scripting and Terminal work. Ideally it'd be, say, an Applescript that ran every 5 minutes. Email me if you've done something better or made improvements!