Hobbies All The Way Down

Thoughts on an injury and the next big ultra

This Saturday I’ll take my first shot at a 50 mile race: White River. It's a workday—just 8 hours.

More or less a simple dare posed to four buddies, it turned into a Real Thing when the first person registered. “Shit” was the first thought.

After a successful Chuckanut 50k... Mostly successful... Successful in that I could shuffle to get some soup... Successful in that it only took, quite literally, three days to feeling back to normal...

After a successful Chuckanut 50k, I was actually starting to think that the 50-miler wouldn't be so bad. Not so much "not bad," but, say, I could compete in a 50 mile race. So I was really looking forward to it.

60% of Danger 5 after Chuckanut 50k. Some hills. A pair of Brooks Pure Grit 3s carried me through.

A week later I ran a bit too fast in a group run and the left knee started to hurt. And it kept hurting, annoying me, and pissing me off. I haven't been injured in ten years! It was bad enough that I took a full week off—huge for me at this point—and downgraded my plans for Boston to something just slightly above a total failure.

Boston hurt a lot—lots—but not because of my knee. It hurt for about a mile right after the Wellesley Scream Tunnel. It was their fault. Because the training didn't add up to anything fantastic, my long run never more than 10 post-Chuckanut, and a whole lotta mental blocks, Boston blew. I ran a couple minutes under my previous best.

Right before it got really rough. I chose the extremely unlikely Brooks Cascadias. Heavier, but comfortable. And totally unnecessary grip! But boy, that grip was nice.

The best part of my first Boston Marathon? The fantastic canoli I had in the last mile. Some kind soul really made my race.

But things post-Boston got worse, pain switched to a different spot, and the writing on the wall was there: I needed to stretch more.

So I've been stretching! I can run 10-15 without pain! I haven't had ibuprofen in a month!

White River 50

When Brett told everyone we were 8 weeks away, I freaked out a lot. I was nowhere near able to run the planned weekends of 30+. I hadn't done hills in ages.

I realized with 4 to go that I either had to take a hike or formulate a new plan...so I formulated a plan of ignorant optimism about the whole ordeal.

I know for a fact I have no idea what I'm getting into Saturday. And with that in mind, it's going to be a fun, great day. It's just a workday.

Check back for a post-WR50 update.