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Sending to OmniFocus from Feedbin with Txtio

Txtio is a side-project of mine that I finished up about two years ago. Feedbin is the service I use to read RSS—it has a great web interface and customizable Services. If it has a URL, you can plug in the title and URL of the entry.

If you don’t have a free txtio account, create one! You’ll want the “Push to Focus” service of txtio. (The other is simply a text with a link to your cellular #.)

This is where setup gets really easy—I include the Feedbin Share URL right on the next page:

There it is. Right there.

Navigate over to Feedbin. From the Hamburger menu, choose Sharing, then scroll to the very bottom and paste in your Share URL. Add a label: “Send to OmniFocus”.

When I first put this together, I thought I’d be adding a whole lot in the backend to support it, but that wasn’t the case at all.