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Running with Brooks and Seattle Running Club in 2015!

This seems a bit fantastical to say, but this year I’ll be running for the Seattle Running Club and Brooks Running: I’m on a team again! The Brooks B Team. /Brooks (B)easts! /Brooks Killa-B’s!

My Cascadias visit the Brandenburger Tor, along with the super-hip Brooks Sherpa III

The year will be filled with Brooks’ seriously great Cascadia 10 shoe in early 2015, running up Cougar Mountain with a whole bunch of SRC’s finest. (The Cascadia 10 is shipping now, by the way!)

The Seattle Running Club

I joined the Seattle Running Club in the late summer of 2014 and have had a ton of fun. Cross Country season, team workouts, and a big emphasis on getting out on the trails made the second half of 2014 a great few months of running. And the SRC people are a pretty great group!

After a few months I volunteered to help with the membership database, and a bit later applied to be a part of the SRC-Brooks team.

I can’t wait to do some trail runs and races with this fine group of folks, and doing it in the best gear around—by a company in Seattle! (Just a block away from my apartment!)

So far I’ve spent January running, touring Belgium, Germany, and France by foot—my first time in Europe. Favorite run: Grunewald, a forest just outside of Berlin. It’s a quick 20 minute train ride outside of the city center, and it was the most trail-heavy woods I’ve ever been in. In other words: super easy to get lost and run a little bit longer.

This one weird tower in the woods.

Next week: I’ll be happily returning home to do some winter running in the beautiful Cascades!

2015: More people running happy in Brooks’ gear, and more people running with the Seattle Running Club!

Personal goals: